Wednesday, 17 April 2013

MUA Nail constellation

Hi guys! I've been meaning to write a blog about this amazing product for a while now so here it is!

Ask my friends what my obsessions are and they'll shout " SHOES! MAKE UP! CHERYL COLE! NAIL ART!" right at you ha! If I don't change my nail polish colour or pattern at least twice a week I feel nauseous #nojoke !! So when I saw MUA’s amazingly NEW Nail Constellation i was so excited to buy it and try it out! 
MUA's collection is said to be inspired by the patterns formed by stars in the night sky creating stunning nail art. 

The tiny beads have a metallic colour to them which really reflects the idea of a magical night. 
The collection consists of 5 different colour schemes, i have purchased the 'Leo' colour tones which include metallic purple and light blue beads. 

You can achieve the look in three simple steps:

1)Apply one coat of your chosen nail varnish. MUA nail polish is also a great choice. 
2) lightly tap the funnel top bottle to make the beads fall on the wet nail varnish. This is slightly difficult until you get the hang of it so what I do is spill a few on the table and sprinkle them on my nails; that way they don't go everywhere haha!
3) Coat your nails with a clear top coat to add shine. 

*£3 - Superdrug*

They are easy to use once you have experimented a few times which is actually really fun! 
You can also create line designs and patterns instead of simply just covering the whole nail with the beads; creating nails different to any other.

I really love the results of my nail art and would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves creating original and stunning pieces of art!

Kat x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lets have a catch up!

Hi guys! I can't believe I haven't posted since last year! *jaw drop emotion*
Every time I told myself that I should start writing again, something would come up and I couldn't find the time to!
So now i thought it was time to have a catch up!
Since September life had been SO stressful and crazy! I am in my final year at sixth form and will be taking my final Alevel exams in 4 weeks!!! Art and Design, Film studies, Sociology and Italian... #HELP
Adding to all that pressure of exams and coursework I'm also working part time to try and earn a little extra money; mainly for clothes, shoes, concerts and more shoes!!
Finding time to do the things I love and spending time with who I care most about is proving difficult too but I guess I know that after these few months are over I can get back to my comfortable normality.
So yeah, hopefully I will start blogging more regularly now and I hope you all enjoy reading!
Kat x