Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dip dye fever!

Today in London we could safety say - Summer has finally arrived! So you'd think I'd be topping up my tan in the back garden right? Wrong! I had booked an appointment at a salon in Central London to have my hair done! Today was time to give the dip dye style a try! 
Wherever we look we never fail to spot this hair colouring trend, whether it'd be flicking through a weekly showbiz magazine with our favourite stars, to walking down the local high street! 

 Dip dying hair provides a vast variety of outcomes, all depending on your choice of colour, your hair shape and overall style. I decided to go for a natural and gradual colour, going from chocolate brown roots to caramel tips. This was honestly because I'm not as brave as Jessie J to experiment with purple hair just yet!

What really attracted me to the dip dying style was the fact that even though the same technique is used on every individual, the result is always unique and captivating in its own way.
My main influence for my colour choice was TV presenter Caroline Flack. I love the way the soft and warm hair colour tones compliment her skin tone and girly fashion.

This was the outcome after 2 and a half hours of experimenting! I am really happy with my new hair although i would like the blonde tips to be much richer in colour. This was mostly due to my red hair which i had before being hard to bleach because it was so dark to begin with.

I think dip dying hair is perfect for the summer months. It's great to experiment with not only colour but also different cuts and styling techniques!

So why not give in to the craze and try it for yourself?
Kat x